2014 Workshop Description

Instructor: Natalie Serber

The Pleasure of Telling the Story

"It may not look like pleasure, because the difficulties can make me morose and distracted, but that’s what it is–the pleasure of telling the story I mean to tell as wholly as I can tell it, of finding out in fact what the story is, by working around the different ways of telling it." ~ Alice Munro

Writing a short story is like rock tumbling. Once we get our words onto the page, we turn them again and again in order to tell our story as fully and clearly as we can within the confines of the form. We use compelling characters with something real at stake, true sentences, precise details, concision and expansiveness at one and the same time. In the end, we hope to reveal a unique and shining moment that stays with our readers.

In this morning workshop we will spend a little time looking at masters of the form, Cheever, O'Connor, as well as Lorrie Moore, Charles Baxter and Deborah Eisenberg. The bulk of our time will be spent in deep discussion of one another's work in a way that encourages risk-taking in the creative process and respect for the writer's intention.