2015 Workshop Description

How To Get There: Bringing Your Short Fiction to its Fullest Expression

Instructor: Lisa Lucascio

As readers, we know that a truly great short story can turn your world upside down; but as writers, we often struggle to just get the story’s engine to turn over. Why is writing the kind of story most enjoyable to read–effortless, thoughtful, incisive, satisfying–so hard? Is there anything we can do in the face of the scary blank page, the devastating half-done draft, and the scourge of the finished-but-not-really story?

In this workshop, we will face terror of creation together, learning strategies for beginning, finishing, and revising stories. We will consider a few exemplars of the genre, discuss the connection between deep, close reading and producing electric, vibrant writing, and open up the idea of the story for rigorous analysis and debate. Most of all, we will apply our insights, passions, and concerns into and for each other’s work in a congenial and honest workshop, where our imperative is to gain greater knowledge of and facility with our fiction through our work together.