2014 Workshop Description

Instructor: Sharon Doubiago

Autobiography of the Soul

”We are continually invited to become who we are.” Henry David Thoreau
”The soul selects its own society, then shuts the door.” Emily Dickinson

The approach in this workshop will be writing from the psyche, from the content of the self, from all that’s inside rather than from the form-and-craft-first approach.

A main objective will be to find and strengthen the individual voice and vision in a way that won't be lost when the rejections, criticisms, outside canons, self-doubts and other voices start hitting; in a way that will make for serious, powerful, satisfying, lasting and true poetry. We will use memory and self-exploration exercises and experiments to help identify our own stories, concerns, rhythms, words, dreams, issues, aesthetics, voices and voice to find our poems.

We will work to strengthen these writing exercises into mature, publishable poems. We will share and discuss the poems you’ve sent in. The discussion of memory will be ongoing. ”Poetry is the language of the Soul,” a poet said long ago. And its craft is spiritual.

For poets at all stages of development.