2014 Workshop Description

Instructor: Scott Hutchins

Endlessly Inventive and Re-invented.

From Lady Murakami to The Hunger Games, the novel is an endlessly inventive and re-invented form. Novels can contain the world (Anna Karenina) or just a day in the life (Last Night at the Lobster), but their fundamental purpose is always the same–to create a world in conversation with our own world, and hence to bring illumination to our world. In this class, we will discuss the joys and treacheries of this most supple form of fiction. Short readings from Elizabeth Bowen, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Lore Segal, among others, will help us frame the issues particular to novel writing, as well as to study the universals of great prose writing in any form. We will devote the majority of our energies to your novels. The sections you submit will be the beneficiaries of a careful, thoughtful workshop discussion. We will also spend time with exercises that will both help you understand where you are in the process and help you envision greater, bolder possibilities for where you might go.