2015 Workshop Description

Master Class — Character as the Engine of Story

Instructor: David Corbett

In this morning Master Class Workshop, David will guide students through the various ways character and structure interact, focusing on the common problems created by an over-emphasis of one or the other element. We'll keep in mind the importance of recognizing that regardless of how unique and innovative the structure, it is character that prompts the deepest and most long-lasting impression on the reader.

Admission to David Corbett’s Master Class requires that your work be juried in after submission of a 10-page sample manuscript. Criteria for selection include: voice; thematic richness; depth of characterization; strength of story; and prose competence. Admission continues until all 12 seats fill; so early application is suggested as we anticipate that this class will fill before May 15. Applicants not accepted to the Master Class will be offered a place in their second-choice workshop.