2016 Workshop Description

Master Class — Narrative Structure in Fiction and Nonfiction

Instructor: Les Standiford

This morning master class workshop includes discussion of how Aristotelian narrative concepts, those dramatic elements drawn from principles of screenwriting, and the mythic and archetypal theories of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell converge in a practical nexus for contemporary writers in every genre of narrative prose.

Each day's session will begin with general discussion of theory and practical concepts for writing, and then will turn to a consideration of the manuscripts submitted. Writers in the master class will gain insights about how best to structure and complete their manuscripts.

Please note that Master Class applicants need to submit a manuscript sample as noted in the registration guidelines. This should provide evidence of your best work, and does not necessarily need to be the manuscript you plan to present during the workshop. Admissions and manuscripts will be reviewed until all 12 seats in the Master Class are filled. Meanwhile, a place in your second-choice morning workshop will be held for you.