2016 Workshop Description

All Day Sunday August 7 — Instructor: Shirin Yim Bridges

Publishing Boot Camp

Are you finally ready to get your book out there? Whether your work is fiction or nonfiction, or even poetry, this workshop is for you. This one-day workshop will take you step-by-step through the "submit or self-publish?" decision process. We will discuss how, in the words of Seneca, "No wind is a good wind unless you know which harbor you seek"  With all the options now available, which publishing route is most likely to bring you personal satisfaction and success?

Find out which strategies might maximize your chance of leapfrogging the slush pile, if you decide to take the traditional route. Learn how to identify the agents and publishers you should target, and where to find them. If you are considering self-publishing, discover what that entails, flag key land mines to avoid, and assess the rewards that may be reaped from this exploding sector of the industry.

Come with your questions and leave with a decision tree and some useful handouts. This informative session includes group discussion and exercises, and Q&A time to give you an insider's peek at the publishing industry.