2014 Workshop Description

Afternoon Session —Instructor: Elizabeth Rosner

Writing Your Way Home

"This is what good art does. It takes a pebble in the road, or a human being, and it concentrates on them until they begin to glow. I think the concept and the notion of blushing is very important in art.... You know, the artist concentrates on the detail of the object until it blushes in the way the love object blushes when a lover gazes at it with that particular intense gaze. That is what art should do. It should make the world blush and give up its secrets." ~ John Banville

Novelist, poet and essayist Elizabeth Rosner will offer exercises and tools to facilitate the discovery of your unique voice and your most compelling material. Although aiming toward "home" as a writer can be (and perhaps ought to be!) an endless journey, there are many shortcuts and diversions you can practice — with surprising and satisfying results on the page. Drawing upon her experience as a writer in multiple genres, Elizabeth will invite practice and discussion of adventurous self-discovery, emotional honesty, and the mysterious paradox of concentrating while letting go.