2016 Workshop Description

Afternoon Session — Instructor: Jordan Rosenfeld

Becoming Persistent: How to Survive and Thrive in Your Writing Practice

Writers write for many reasons, but most of us write to find an audience, in what has become a quick-changing publishing landscape. This can make the path to publication fraught with many frustrations and moments of discouragement. What makes the difference between the writer who sees success and the one who struggles to make it? Persistence.

In this afternoon lecture, Jordan Rosenfeld will walk you through practical ways to sustain an unshakable writing practice through the mastery of persistence skills such as: building strong boundaries around your writing time; carving out distractions; collaborating with others; learning when to walk away, and when to try again. We'll also explore strategies for how to bounce back after rejection or criticism; how to write from an authentic place and tackle tough or taboo subjects; and how to stay committed to the craft among other things. This will be mostly lecture with a few written exercises, and time for questions.