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What's great about MCWC is that it isn't a writing conference, it's a writer's conference. It's a place where the focus is on how to get the work done. The intensity and camaraderie really help you fix a story or find your voice or open up new discoveries in your work.
2013 Participant

I found the MCWC to be refreshingly egalitarian and non-competitive overall. The "open-door" policy guarantees a sense of generosity of spirit, with everyone able to focus on an acceptance of his or her own level of skill, ambition, and motivation.
Elizabeth Rosner, faculty 2012

MCWC is small, intimate and friendly, with ample opportunity to get to know authors, as well as conference organizers, volunteers, editors, agents and others in a relaxed setting.
April Eberhardt, 2011 Presenter

Most important thing gained:
The freedom of speech, the quality of the speakers and the topics covered."
Lucille Mihelic, 2011 Participant

I am now ready to further expand my knowledge about writing styles, genres and the business of writing. This conference was the perfect opportunity.
2012 Participant

I left feeling inspired, impressed and amazed by the possibilities presented to me in my workshops. I can't wait to come back next year.
Dani Burlison, 2011 Participant

A small intimate workshop drew me. I did not need or want a large, impersonal event.
2012 Participant

This is a first-rate conference: first rate faculty, excellent program, stellar setting & a very relaxed, non-competitive, truly supportive environment.
Alicia Rouverol, 2011 Participant

The MCWC organizers were fabulous. You were kind, so warm, so friendly and positive. Your presence and thoughtful attention to detail and to our experiences really created a warm and pleasant atmosphere.
Rebecca Vincent, 2010 Participant

The most important thing I gained from the conference was a new sense of confidence in myself and my writing. I also gained new friends and a community of writers with whom I can edit and discuss my ideas.
Caroline Clemons, 2010 HS Scholar

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