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Participant fees alone do not cover the cost of running a writers conference. We are deeply grateful to our many friends who support our efforts through their donations. You can help in several ways.

High School Scholarships

In a program unusual for literary conferences, full scholarships funded by generous local businesses and individual donors give up to six students from local high schools the opportunity attend the conference. By recognizing and nurturing young writers' literary ambitions, the scholarships reinforce the efforts of local high school teachers to offer literary arts enrichment in an era of tight budgets and curriculum demands. The presence of young people also adds immeasurably to the vitality of MCWC.

For information on how students can apply for a scholarship, see our High School Scholarships page.

Endowment Fund

Some of our friends have already given gifts intended for long-term support. As soon as we have enough of these gifts set aside, we plan to open an Endowment fund. Contributions to an Endowment are invested and the principal remains intact while earned interest would be used by MCWC to offset annual operating expenses.

The minimum required to set up an endowment is $10,000. We are already more than halfway there. Can you help us reach our goal of long-term financial stability?

Operating Budget

Your donation will help pay the costs of bringing presenters to the Mendocino Coast and all the other expenses associated with putting on the conference.

Support MCWC, Become a Friend

"I like having high school students in the sessions. It gives a different energy." — A 2007 participant

For more information about making a tax-deductible donation visit our "Become a Friend" page.

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