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Awards are offered to talented women writers at least 60 years of age who reside anywhere in the world. Scholarships are based on merit, promise of the manuscript submitted, and need. If you received a scholarship during the past three years, you are not eligible. The stipend typically provides partial support of $275 to two applicants. In exceptional circumstances, a full-conference scholarship may be granted. The award does not cover travel or lodging.

Mary Bradish O'Connor was a poet and one of the founders of the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County. Mary believed in the healing power of words. In this spirit, her community and friends pass her legacy forward with this scholarship.

Say Yes Quickly

Get over it. There's a tear in the fabric
of forever and it's just the way
it is. God didn't tap you on the back
because you were a bad girl and today
you pay for it. You did nothing wrong.
It wasn't all the walks you didn't take
or Irish luck that tossed you headlong
into cancer. Consider this a wake-
up call and live your gift of days with joy.
Walk the edge where air is thin and clear,
where fear can take you further. It's just
another country. Chin up. Step through the door.
Each breath in, a miracle.
Each breath out, a letting go.

by Mary Bradish O'Connor © Pot Shard Press, 1997

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