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Katy Pye

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Katy Pye

Katy Pye's debut novel, Elizabeth's Landing, was inspired by her experiences in community activism and working on environmental restoration projects in the Central Valley. After retiring to the Mendocino Coast in 2005, she returned to writing. One day, daydreaming by her office window, the completely uncharacteristic, surely unrealistic, and untried notion of a teen novel took hold of her future.

After four years of writing, learning to write, revising, tantrums, depression, neurosis, and lots of wine, she had something to send out for six-count them-professional critiques. Six full revision tracks later, she started down the agent route, but life intervened and an important element in the story was fading in the public eye. She stuck a finger in the wind and decided self-publishing made the most sense. Not common sense perhaps, but the road for her. She took online classes and bought e-books to learn about converting manuscripts to e-book formats, subscribed to a half-dozen online news blogs on traditional and digital book publishing and marketing, and finally drug herself into the digital age with a website, Facebook Fan page and Profile page. Who knew they are supposed to be created Face before Fan? But hey, now people know more about her than they could ever imagine or want to. The monster's out of the office. Most importantly, she survived, with tales to share and a book in print-well almost. Check her website: or on Facebook: Katy Pye-Author to follow Elizabeth's Landing to the finish line.


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June 2013